Friday, January 22, 2010

Taste of Pussy

I've been wanting the taste of pussy on my lips for sometime now I love that taste and the look on her face when she uncontrollably gushes into my mouth velvety soft! I want to start with her lying down so I can see her and dominate her fully starting w running my fingertips up her thighs and feeling soft smooth satin skin. Oh the electricity that seems to flow into her. Writhing now she knows I'm up to her thighs and can tell she wants me to taste her fully completely without inhibitions and abandonment! Tracing her apex right where her velvety softness slick aching throbbing need begins its assault on all her senses! I stroke her fully moistness giving way to a soaking wetness an arching of her back raising of her hips begging me to take a taste. Slowly spreading her long luxurious legs sliding between them only to have them wrap around me once more I know the moment I dip my head to taste her she will envelope all of my senses and I will be lost in her to torment her fully! I dip my head tasting only tasting teasing and taunting w the tip of my tongue... Only now I will begin fully tormenting touching tempting and relishing her essence. Bending down and completely losing myself in pleasuring her sucking her swollen clit pulling all of her into my mouth to suck and nibble ever so gently burying my tongue inside of her sucking all of her juices tasting her fully!! She's pulling my hair screaming thrusting grinding into my mouth and face begging for a release from my torture; such an exquisite pain it is! Thrusting grinding dripping breathless I plunge still deeper my tongue circling sucking lost beyond sanity in a wetness a sweetness unrelenting until.. I can feel her world explode; giving way to abyss void of all but pleasure! A release from the sweet torment the amazing acceleration into insanity!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sex Sex and more Sex

If you even kinda know me then you know I like sex just a little which is as understated as saying we breathe just a little bit of air I've done a lot of crazy things in my life and I can honestly say I have tamed myself down so much more than the beginning of my wildest days which began with me kinda liking this gas station attendant he was kinda young and I was a lot younger but one night when I didn't give a shit and figured that the worst that can happen would be having the police called on my crazy ass I walked into his station super low cut shirt nipples hard headlights shining of course he was staring I walked up closer and asked if he liked what he saw he was kinda shy and quiet so of course that just fed the flame I grabbed his face and shoved his face into my tits which of course I heard no arguing I knew this particular station had a small office which I led this poor guy into *no words spoken just a knowing smile and I helped him to feverishly unbutton jeans and dropping to my knees I pause only long enough to look up and smile so wickedly I'm sure he knew I was the devil cumming to do the devilsdeeds I released his cock from his jeans and it sprang hard and ready into my waiting mouth sliding only to easily between my moist lips I licked and sucked and tongued his piercing which only got me loud accolades of approval he begged for more both of us knowing exactly what he wanted I hovered over his huge pierced cock raising my skirt so that I could plunge his entire length fast hard and deep inside of me screaming ferally I knew I'd only ever want and beg for more this man filled me completely leaving no room! I dare say I had my fill of his swollen hardness and only begged for more with each vicious thrust until we both were lost in an abyss of pleasure all consuming all enveloping!! Btw thank you my Devilsdeeds for that!!