Saturday, July 17, 2010

delicious desires

He laid his hand on my knee, and I could feel the heat emanating from his body the smell of raw male sexual desire permeated his entire being! I knew I wanted him just as I knew from only a touch my pussy was already getting increasingly moist! I could only think of him burying himself balls fucking deep inside me of me bouncing up and down on his huge cock! I could feel his hand slide a bit higher to my thigh & it was all I could do to not grab his hand and demand he finger fuck me into an orgasmic oblivion;by now I was soaked and begging to be touched! Holy fuck inching up again to my thigh and a slight brush on my clit covered by my simple cotton panties! At this point I'm speechless but then again no words are needed and all needs are known! Fuck yes!! My body screaming to me penetrated and taken violated and shaken!! He grabs me and shoves me back pushes up my skirt hungrily my panties are nothing but a wisp of fabric quickly whisked away by feverish hands huge hands that are hungry to explore! Ohhhh the feeling the deliciousness of having his fingers inside me massaging my clit and fucking my tight shaved pussy soaked with a need for a penetration a demand for his cock I can see straining against his zipper!! I reach for it slightly running my hand over the taut fabric I know there is nothing underneath and I may as well be stroking his cock nakedly! I want it unclothed in my hand, my throat, every hole I've got! Quickly with an expert touch I release his hard cock and watch as it springs forth! I demand its taste as I immediately dip my head and lick just the head tempting and teasing! I grasp its hardness and force it fully into my throat exploring it fully! Tasting, touching, demanding more I raise and slide over the top of him I beg for him to thrust inside me to bruise me fully!! Such delicious malicious grudge fucking pain I want him over and over I can only slam down hard onto his huge cock knowing I can barely accomodate his huge swollen cock w the small tightness of my pussy but my body; my pussy craves him and will not be told no! Pounding harder and faster closer and closer to an oblivion till right before my world shatters I demand he enter my ass I want nothing but a harsh anal fucking a violation of my tight pink asshole!! I scream at the pain as he slides inside the forceful grip he has on my ass and the way he bites my neck as he slams into me deeper and deeper anally!! I scream once more as we both explode together in a twist of luscious delicious orgasmic insanity! Love you my Devilsdeeds ;)